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Melanie Kohn

Melanie Kohn, a native of San Francisco, California, voiced Lucy van Pelt in Charles Schulz's Peanuts cartoons from 1974-1977.

She voiced Lucy in It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown, It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown, and the feature-length film Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown.

Melanie has also worked in radio as an on-air personality and marketing specialist. She wrote and voiced many of her clients' radio ads.

Melanie has ties to Vancouver, as her three sons live here and work in the Visual Effects industry. She now lives in Texas with her husband and their cat.

Her Facebook page is:
Melanie Kohn - Voice artist for Lucy van Pelt.

Melanie Kahn - Pic 1

Melanie Kahn - Pic 2

Melanie Kahn - Pic 3

Melanie Kahn - Pic 4


John Gallagher

At Uncannyknack Comics we're fans first. To this day that fandom has stayed consistent and diverse. John Gallagher built a reputation in the collector community for his brand of variant covers so it only seemed fitting that opening a personal imprint was the next step. Together with his two partners Scoott Rohan and Peter Turcotte (owner of local store Big Pete's Collectibles) we specialize in the indie and creator owned variant space, far from the overcrowded superhero market, providing covers for all genre material. We have a simple rule: It has to be a cover we'd want ourselves before we'd ever think of selling it to anyone and that will never change. Drop by our sales table and see what we have. John will be signing and remarking new and catalogue drops from 11 - 2.

Link to store:

Uncannyknack Comics Pic 1

Uncannyknack Comics Pic 2

Uncannyknack Comics Pic 3

Uncannyknack Comics Pic 4

Uncannyknack Comics Pic 5


Craig Wilson is a double Emmy-winning director and storyboard artist of the animation and live-action film industry. He will be attending with prints from his "refrACTION" gallery show and is a "DON'T MISS" for fast and affordable full-scene commissions!

Craig Wilson - Art 01

Craig Wilson - Art 02

Craig Wilson - Art 03

Craig Wilson - Art 04

Craig Wilson - Art 05


Marcelo Matere

Marcelo Matere has the job that every kid once dreamed of: he creates giant robots for Toys, Games, T-shirts, and Movies! He has already done work for brands like Star War, Avengers, Transformers, Marvel’s Iron Man, Spider-Man and Gi Joe. Worked as a visual developer and storyboard artist for animation studios like Disney Animation, Cartoon Network, Dreamworks and many others! He has also worked with big game studios like EA and Kabam developing art for console and mobile games!

He is well known for doing Transformers official artwork for Hasbro for toy package art and license art for almost 20 years! He has also illustrated kids books and Transformers Comics for the American market since 2004!

For VANCOUVER COMIC & TOY SHOW, Marcelo is going to bring prints, sketchbooks, original art for comics and toy packages and work on limited commissions sketches during the show.

Marcelo Matere - Art 1

Marcelo Matere - Art 2

Marcelo Matere - Art 3


Aaron Buck 

Since 2019, Aaron Buck has continued to make his mark among self-published authors in the Canadian book scene. In that short span, he’s published four books on Amazon, which can also be found on the shelves at Indigo on Robson in downtown Vancouver.

His three children’s books: “Operation: Rainfall,” “Planets Unite” and his newest release “The King and the Very Big Ring” will all be featured at the show. All of these books are instilled with Aaron’s silly humour and he knows that not only the children will enjoy them, but also the adults.

Aaron will also have exclusive prints from his “Mind of Cities” book, which is an art and fantasy story book unlike anything else in your current collection and is something all ages can enjoy. When you’re at the show, make sure to check out the “Ideas by Aaron” table!

Aaron Buck - Art 1 

Aaron Buck - Art 2 

Aaron Buck - Art 3 

Aaron Buck - Art 4 


Verne Andru 

An award-winning designer, Verne Andru is best known for his illustration, animation and directing work with some of the best including Captain Canuck, Universal, Ikea, and Nelvana’s animated cult-classic Rock & Rule.

Born in Vancouver, Canada during 1955, Verne dabbled in music and art but it wasn’t until he met the crew from Captain Canuck Comics at a high school career day that he found his calling. His film career took off with his first job painting animation cels on Blowhard, a National Film Board short, followed by animation assignments on Hanna Barbera’s Godzilla Power Hour and Jana of the Jungle Saturday-morning cartoon lineup.

Staying true to print, Verne was editor on two issues of “The Canadian Graphic Collector” in addition to his writing and illustration contributions. Comic work includes Phantacea, Captain Canuck, MARVEL and Charleton Comics. In addition to teaching comic book production and animation at the prestigious Vancouver Film School, Verne created the “Simply Accounting” name, designed Pigtronix’s flagship musical effects pedal and launched both into successful brands.

Driven to draw, Verne is working on new editions of the Captain Cannabis series he created in the nineteen-seventies. A unique mix of science fiction, dark comedy and gritty realism, it’s a fun story with great characters adventuring in an inspired universe told in a truly original voice.

Verne creates best in Vancouver, enjoying life with family and music.


Amazon Author:

Verne Andru - Art 1 

Verne Andru - Art 2 

Verne Andru - Art 3 

Verne Andru - Art 4 


Sgt Brenda Winpenny and S/Sgt. Lindsey Houghton will be on site to celebrate the official launch give away of the complete 3 issue mini series Streetlights!

Streetlights bio…
In 2019 the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia (CFSEU-BC), B.C.’s integrated anti-gang police agency, and the Organized Crime Agency of British Columbia (OCABC) developed and released Issue 1 of “Streetlights” a first-of-its-kind comic book highlighting the journey of a group of teenagers faced with some of the challenges of growing up.

As part of the OCABC’s and CFSEU-BC’s End Gang Life gang awareness, education, prevention, and engagement initiative that was launched in 2013, Streetlights Issue 1 quickly became recognized as an innovative and creative way for youth and adults alike to learn about some of the risks and pathways into gangs and engage in conversations about how to build resiliency in youth. With the release of Streetlights Issues 2 and 3, which concludes the story of the group of friends, readers can follow the ups and downs of the characters as they navigate the often-difficult aspects of friendships, making good choices, and what getting involved in even a little bit of criminal activity can mean for their lives and futures.

Streetlights 2 

Streetlights 3 


A $50 or $100 gift card to be raffled every hour between 1:00 - 4:00! Multiple Gift Cards for use anywhere at the show to be randomly handed out at the door!

Toy Traders will also be matching Toy Trader Bucks $ for $ on the $50 & $100 cards, to be used for any merchandise on their tables or at their store!

VCS Gift Cards 1

VCS Gift Cards 2

Toy Trader Bucks


A message to all Vancouver Comic & Toy Show Attendees!!

When you give a Cash donation for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank you will receive one extra raffle ticket to go towards our famous Gift Certificate Door Prize Draws!

PLEASE NOTE: The Greater Vancouver Food Bank does not accept Food Donations anymore due to Unhealthy Food Donations (non-nutritive food donated a lot of the time) / Better Buying Power ($$ go 2:1 further) & Labour Intensive Logistics (30% of food received is spoiled.)

Let's all Give A Little Bit together to those in need!

Vancouver Food Bank



Forum Café offers a variety of deli style entrees, snacks and beverages.

PNE Forum Cafe


The following food trucks will be featured at show: Teriyaki Express & Melt Town Grilled Cheese!


Japanese Teriyaki Express/Twisted Potato serves Fresh Traditional Teriyaki on Rice (Beef/Chicken and Vegetarian Tofu). They also have a Dim Sum Plate, Prawn Tempura, Green Beans with Sea Salt, Japanese Style Meat Skewers (Beef and Chicken), Takoyaki, Twisted Potatos and Mini Donuts!

Teriyaki Express


High End Comfort food with a twist – Grilled Cheese has been a North American stable comfort food since everyone was a kid, and how can you go wrong with a good old fashioned grilled cheese.

To take this comfort stable food and make it wow, they have fresh baked 3/4 inch Texas style toast made fresh daily. Their signature 4 cheese blend is custom mixed to provide the best flavor profile while producing the stringy and gooey texture that everyone craves in a Grilled Cheese. The sandwich is a perfect mix of flavored butter, grilled to perfection to create that crunch of a sandwich and stringy melt of the fatty cheese that leaves the taste buds in your mouth craving more.

Melt Town Grilled Cheese Food truck also pairs some interesting combinations of product to also kick up your classic grilled cheese a notch. They have done things like Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese, Taco Beef Grilled Cheese, Philly Cheese Steak Grilled Cheese, Sweet Chilli and Chicken grilled Cheese, & Mexican Grilled Cheese.

The food truck does Poutine as well and is a perfect match for any grilled cheese!

Melt Town Grilled Cheese

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