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Peter Cimpoe

Peter Cimpoe studied classical realism at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto in addition to studying fine art at York University. He is a pop artist who has done work for Canfitpro, Fitfest and Xombo. His influences range from classical fine art painters such as Waterhouse and Whistler to pin up illustrators such as Gil Elvgren and Pearl Frush. His artwork is a staple in the fitness community and includes commissions by celebrity photographer David Ford. He is currently focusing on pin ups and pop culture. His artwork is collected internationally.

Cimpoe Gallery / Fine Art & Illustration:

Peter Cimpoe - Raven Pin-Up

Peter Cimpoe - In The Woods: Stranger Things

Peter Cimpoe - Rocketship


Diana Greenhalgh

Diana Greenhalgh is a professional illustrator, graphic artist and designer in comics, trading cards, film and television.

You can find her work in many places, from props in DC's Legends Of Tomorrow season 1, to movie posters for Twentieth Century Fox's Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse, illustrations in more than 30 licensed trading card sets including DC, Marvel, and Dynamite properties, and inks on numerous independent and mainstream comic titles, including Taran Killam's The Illegitimates, X-Men Legacy, and Nova.

Diana is a recognized Upper Deck Entertainment sketch card artist, and also works as editor and inker for a new production company.

As an illustrator, she also specializes in pinup art, illustrating sexy femme fatales and other fun characters. She produces her own original illustrations, prints, trading cards, and other collectibles.

Diana Greenhalgh - Art

Diana Greenhalgh's - Deadpool Art


Jacqueline Tyracek

Jacqueline Tyracek is a Vancouver based artist of Czech background, working in a variety of art mediums and styles, as well as dance, mask making, mural painting, poetry and theatrical performance work. Self taught, with the mentorship of both artistic family and friends since infancy, expression and storytelling through art was an early focus and endless passion. Influences range broadly from classical art, to comics, book illustration, to stop-motion animation, film, costume art. Subjects of interest in her work include history and culture, psychology, dreams, confrontation of fear, nature, emotion, the balance of darkness/light and the ways we process. She is currently enjoying exploring the inspiring world of art and fan conventions, working on several commissions including a Star Wars mural, and beginning work on a poetry collection, tarot deck and comic book, amongst other projects.

Jacqueline Tyracek - Art

Jacqueline Tyracek - Stranger Things

Jacqueline Tyracek - They Live


Robert Tozer

Robert Tozer is the author of the newly published novel, The Dead, of which Colonies is the first in the trilogy. Prior to that, he has been published in the US and UK in some killer anthologies, all of which are currently available on Amazon and accessible through his website:

Robert is also the director and content editor at Dead Ink Publishing Inc.

Robert has graduated from the school of hard knocks, written award winning fiction in his mind, and was not responsible for the viral outbreak which has decimated the world. He currently resides with his wonderful wife, Jana, son, Hayden (who is a little monster but not a zombie), and two non-viral infected dogs, Baxter and Hunter, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Along with other survivors, he soon plans on acquiring a caravan of RVs and relocating to a different clime in order to escape the bloodthirsty zombie hordes.


Time has run out for the human race. A virus has decimated the planet, returning the dead back to life. Groups of displaced people gather together and roam the countryside, searching for a sanctuary.

Spencer has a singular goal: Travel with his companion, Lexi, to the west coast, find a seaworthy boat, and sail away to a tropical island-hopefully, without any of the dead occupying it. Along the way, the two of them get conscripted into a ragtag band of survivors, and together they travel across America with conflicting goals. Half the camp wants to travel city to city, liberating any survivors and ridding the US of the menace that is the dead; the other half wants to escape, finding a safe haven away from the killing and horror. A political power struggle is created and Spencer is forced to choose sides; but will he lead the group to safety or will he return to his original plan and abandon the camp to strike out with Lexi once again. Spencer battles against his nature as he leads a fighting force into a small city for life saving supplies. But in this new world, the hungry and murderous dead aren't the only things to be feared. Sometimes the biggest threat to humanity's survival is the living.

Robert Tozer - Rob's The Dead


Aaron Harrison

Harrison Arts is well known for prop and costume builds specializing in leather armor for some of the biggest shows on television. He currently builds armor and gear for the hit TV shows Arrow & DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Aaron has been in the props/costume industry for over 25 years, and has built for Stargate SG-1, Chronicles Of Riddick, and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, to name only a few. See his work at:

Special Guest AARON HARRISON will be donating 50% of all his sales this Sunday to the ACTION FOR ANIMALS IN DISTRESS SOCIETY - so please drop by his table & check out AARON'S unique Leather Armor Props from some of TV's biggest Shows - & know that any purchases you make will be going to a very important cause!

Aaron Harrison - Work 1

Aaron Harrison - Work 2

Aaron Harrison - Work 3




We are happy to announce that CBCS will be returning to the Vancouver Comic and Toy show in February!

They will be accepting on-site submissions & witnessing signatures during the show.

Also, for anyone wishing to have their books pressed before grading, this will be an option offered through CBCS as well.


1) Customers can submit directly to CBCS through the booth using their credit card or US cash, with the books being shipped directly back to them - basically, business as usual.

2) Customers can submit through Liam Sturgess (CBCS Representative) dealer account using CANADIAN cash, cheque or E-transfer (in advance or day of), with books returning to Liam and available for pickup at Four Destinations Records in West Vancouver, OR returned to their address of choice (which will require CBCS to contact the customer for payment of shipping).

For option 1), the pricing is the exact same as previous shows, with shipping being calculated once the books are at CBCS.

For option 2), the grading prices in CANADIAN $ are the following, by tier and per book:

Modern: $23.00
2-Day Modern: $50.00
Expanded: $38.00
Consumer: $43.00
Quickstream: $73.00
Rapid: $112.00
1-Day: 2.75% of Fair Market Value (min. $187.00 CAD, max. $3425.00 CAD)

Reholder: $13.00
Fast Pass: $13.00
Image: $8.00
Slideshow: $375.00

Customers wishing to pay with Canadian funds through Liam's company, Sturgess Prime Culture can do so. For those wishing to do so, please consult the Pricing Sheet below:

CBCS Canadian Grading Prices - VCTS

Please refer to CBCS website for descriptions on the different service tiers offered here at:


CG Masters Logo

CG Masters is an improved concept in job skills training for the 3D animation and visual effects industries. Job skills must include more than simply learning to use software tools. We teach how to work as a team, in a studio production environment, to create world-class animations and film-quality images. We focus on skills, not grades and do so in a completely unique way.

At CG Masters, we believe great training starts with great instructors. Our goal every term is to put industry masters into a room with the right students. If you've seen our student work, you will recognize the magic that can happen when we do this. You will find an impressive list of professionals that are responsible for many of the best visual effects and animations scenes currently being produced by the movie and television industries.

We focus on skills, not grades. Find out what it's like to work in a real studio environment. Learn how important it is to deliver excellence, work with precision, communicate with your team and become part of something greater than yourself. Come visit us ~ We are located in the New Westminster Skytrain Station!

CG Masters - School

CG Masters - Art



Vancouver Comic & Toy Show will be handing out the following gift cards during the show: Three $20 gift cards for use anywhere at the show to be randomly handed out at the door! There will also be two $50.00 Gift Cards given out during the day. An additional two $100 gift cards will be given out at 3:00 & 4:00!

In addition to the multiple Vancouver Comic & Toy Show Gift Cards - Matthew Purdy, owner of Toy Traders has graciously matched Toy Trader Bucks $ for $ on the $50 & $100 cards, to be used on any merchandise at his tables!

VCS Gift Cards

Toy Traders Bucks


Vancouver Food Bank

Give with your Heart & donate a non-perishable food item and/or cash donation & receive 1 extra Raffle Ticket towards any of our infamous Gift Certificate Door Prizes!

Vancouver Food Bank - Deadpool


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