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Get your comics certified and graded.

We are happy to announce that CBCS will be accepting on-site submissions & witnessing signatures during the show.

Also, for anyone wishing to have their books pressed before grading, this will be an option offered through CBCS as well.

Please Note: CBCS WILL NOT be able to accept funds in CANADIAN DOLLARS & will ONLY be accepting money in US DOLLARS and / or CREDIT CARD Transactions.


Marcelo Matere

Marcelo Matere has the job that every kid once dreamed of: he creates giant robots for Toys, Games, T-shirts and Movies! He has already done work for Transformers and G. I. JOE from Hasbro, Marvel’s Iron Man, Spider-Man and Avengers, Penn Zero: Part Time Hero from Disney Animation and many others!

Marcelo also illustrates books and Transformers comics for the American market since 2004!

For Vancouver Comic & Toy Show, Marcelo is going to bring some prints, original art from toy packaging and comics, and will also do limited commissions during the show.

Marcelo Matere Transformer Art

Marcelo Matere Transformer Toy


James Lloyd

James Lloyd has been drawing in Vancouver for twenty years plus, whether it's been for local animation companies, the comic biz in LA, or his own independent works and gallery pieces.

In 2000 he began pencilling the Futurama title for Matt Groening's Bongo comic company and has been the regular artist on the book since. In 2008 the collected Simpsons/ Futurama Crossover Crisis storyline for which he provided the art was collected & became a bestseller.

Recently he has completed works for First Second Books and Boom! Comics. He would still rather read comics than learn his numbers.

Power Plants Vs Zombies


Shaun Knowler

A self-professed "hack of all trades", Shaun has a background that encompasses a broad range of creative mediums. Most of his work in comics was in dedication to Transformers for IDW Publishing: co-founding and administrating the massive Transformers: Mosaic project, bringing exposure to the work of a number of artists still on IDW's core roster, contributing special material to various collected editions, and co-writing Transformers: Spotlight - Jazz.

Shaun lives in Vancouver, and is currently exploring the medium of photography under the branding of Reflector Lightworks (@reflector.lw on Instagram), when not too busy contemplating how many issues of Uncle Scrooge he'll need to get by with after civilization collapses.

Shaun Knowler Transformers Jazz


Robin Thompson

Robin has illustrated his own brand of independent comic books including Zombie Jesus, Lil’Natas, and Captain Spaceman. He is currently working on issue #12 of his flagship title, Champions of Hell.
Robin is also an instructor at Emily Carr University, teaching various courses in illustration and graphic novels. At the university he has developed and hosted his own annual artist convention entitled “Emily Con”.

Lending his extensive knowledge of the graphic novel medium, Robin has been a guest speaker for the Vancouver Art Gallery's renowned “Krazy!” and “CO-MIX: A Retrospectiove of Comics” exhibits.

Zombie Jesus Vs Michael Jackson

Champions Of Hell


John Gallagher

Born curious and raised on a steady diet of comic books and Saturday afternoon double features sealed John's fate at an early age and the world was spared another lawyer. Star Wars flipped the switch and come hell or high water he was going to do that for a living. Many years and countless drawings later, John started at Bioware in 1995. Time flew by and millions of games sold later it was time for new challenges. He relocated to Vancouver in 2008 to work in film and television.

Currently illustrating THE FLASH and SUPERGIRL for CW, John keeps busy doing feature, series and look development for diverse projects like "DEFIANCE, ONCE UPON A TIME, FALLING SKIES and CONTINUUM". John has also worked on the upcoming "POWER RANGERS" feature. During rare downtime, this proud father sips from Russell's Teapot and contemplates Shrodinger's Equation, all while visiting with a delightful legion of imaginary friends.

John Gallagher Supergirl Art

John Gallagher Flash Art


Diana Greenhalgh

Diana Greenhalgh is a professional illustrator, graphic artist and designer. She designs and illustrates posters for movies, props for television and art for licensed trading cards. You can see her prop work in season 1 of DC's Legends Of Tomorrow, and she's designed posters for 20th Century Fox's Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse movies. Her card illustrations can be seen in over 24 trading card sets to date, including DC, Marvel, and Dynamite properties. Most recently, you can find her art in theCaptain America: Civil War and Marvel's Agent Carter trading card sets.

As an illustrator, Diana also specializes in pinup art, illustrating sexy femme fatales and other fun characters. She produces her own original illustrations, prints, trading cards and other collectibles. Diana is also an inker for numerous independent and mainstream comic books titles, including Taran Killam's The Illegitimates, X-Men Legacy and Nova.

Diana Greenhalgh's Art - X-Men Apocalypse

Diana Greenhalgh's Art - Deadpool



For winning CBC's Crash Gallery on Sunday, February 5th! For all who missed the show, you can stream it here:…/season-2/episode-1/38e815a-00ba7c0e1cd.

Shane Molina

The art of Shane Molina is a portfolio of fan art composed of different styles and mediums tied to the Star Wars universe.

A self taught artist empowered with the Aloha Spirit, Shane's artwork has a unique and intriguing design which immediately mesmerizes his audience.

Shane has worked in the film and video game industry as a concept & storyboard artist, but now works independently in his own illustrative business: Hawaiian Mako Design.

Shane Molina Art 1

Shane Molina Art 2


For this 2 Room Spectacular show we are DOUBLING UP on the Door Prizes as follows:

Three $20 gift cards for use anywhere at the show to be randomly handed out at the door! There will also be two $50.00 Gift Cards given out during the day. An additional two $100 gift cards will be given out at 3:00 & 4:00!

In addition to the multiple Vancouver Comic & Toy Show Gift Card raffles - Matthew Purdy, owner of Toy Traders has graciously matched Toy Trader Bucks $ for $ on the $50 & $100 cards, to be raffled for use on any merchandise at his tables!

Vancouver Comic Show Gift Cards

Toy Trader Bucks

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