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Vancouver Food Bank


A message to all Vancouver Comic & Toy Show Attendees!

When you bring a non-perishable food item and /or cash donation for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, you will receive one extra raffle ticket to go towards our infamous Gift Certificate Door Prize Draws!

Let's all Give A Little Bit together to those in need this Holiday Season!




Get your comics certified and graded.

We are happy to announce that CBCS will be returning to the Vancouver Comic and Toy show in October!

They will be accepting on-site submissions & witnessing signatures during the show.

Also, for anyone wishing to have their books pressed before grading, this will be an option offered through CBCS as well.



Colin Lorimer

COLIN LORIMER is a comic book writer and artist. He is the author of the critically acclaimed books THE HUNT and UXB.

He has been published through Image Comics, Dark Horse, IDW, Titan, and Boom! Studios. He is co-creator of the books, Harvest, Burning Fields, and Curse, and has worked on other titles such as The X-Files, Hellraiser, Blackout, Millennium, and Dark Horse Presents.

Colin is an award-winning storyboard artist and has worked across a wide range of media including film, animation, and gaming. Some of his feature work would include the upcoming ALPHA directed by Albert Hughes, and LIGHT OF MY LIFE by Casey Affleck. He has also worked on TV shows such as THE EXORCIST and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW.

Colin Lorimer Art


Robin Thompson

Robin has illustrated his own brand of independent comic books including Zombie Jesus, Lil’Natas, and Captain Spaceman. He is currently working on issue #12 of his flagship title, Champions of Hell.
Robin is also an instructor at Emily Carr University, teaching various courses in illustration and graphic novels. At the university he has developed and hosted his own annual artist convention entitled “Emily Con”.

Lending his extensive knowledge of the graphic novel medium, Robin has been a guest speaker for the Vancouver Art Gallery's renowned “Krazy!” and “CO-MIX: A Retrospectiove of Comics” exhibits.




Shannon Lentz

Shannon is the writer and creator of Cayrels Ring which was successfully funded on Kickstarter earlier this year. Shannon also writes and illustrates the self published series Horror of the Khor and was among the fortunate to be able to add to the Prophet Universe canon with his short story (illustrated by Aaron Conley) which appeared in Prophet Earth Wars #2.

Shannon was a chemist for close to 20 years and likse to think that this shapes his storytelling habits and insights.

Cayrels Ring


Kelly Everaert

Hidden in the deep woods of BC, Kelly Everaert rips paper from the trees to record horrifying tales of terror in comic book form.

Kelly's Arcane Tales

Kelly Everaert Werewolf



Alchemichael (M.L. Macdonald) has been making a name for himself through his fantastic Tumblr feed as well as his work on HEART OF WEIRDNESS, Image comics ISLAND Magazine and the first chapter of CAYRELS RING. He is a creature of habit and an agent of change.

Alchemichael Art


Rayon Morris

Rasta Comics is a local, community driven company that was created by Rayon Morris.

A lot of Rayon's stories and comics book ideas are inspired by family and children. He has used his experience of raising children, and his love for comic books to create his own stories.

Rasta Comics is proud to have a close connection to friends and family that inspire and support our ideas.

Rasta Comics


Shane Molina

The art of Shane Molina is a portfolio of fan art composed of different styles and mediums tied to the Star Wars universe.

A self taught artist empowered with the Aloha Spirit, Shane's artwork has a unique and intriguing design which immediately mesmerizes his audience.

Shane has worked in the film and video game industry as a concept & storyboard artist, but now works independently in his own illustrative business: Hawaiian Mako Design.

Shane Molina Art 1

Shane Molina Art 2


Ellen Chauvet

Ellen lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her love for reading and writing developed at an early age and she wrote several short stories and plays which were lost over the years and many moves.

Ellen has had several careers, including hospital administration, fashion, and leading programs for a company called Landmark Worldwide. Ellen is masterful in the areas of communication, team building, management, and personal development.

More recently, Ellen has dabbled in producing indie films and is an Executive Producer for Suspension (Dead of Night - 2015) and Puppet Killer (in post-production).

In 2003 a friend introduced her to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Ellen was fascinated by the idea of good and evil vampires. From that point on, Ellen read every vampire novel she could get her hands on. She particularly loves Anne Rice, Charlaine Harris, Laurell K. Hamilton and J.R. Ward. In 2010, she wrote the first draft of "When Darkness Falls", and a new career was born. "When Darkness Falls" is the first in a series of books called The Vampire Redemption Series and is adult fiction.

The book is available on Amazon in both e-book and print. The links are: - Kindle version - Print version.

The book is also available at Barnes & Noble at:

When Darkness Falls


Robert Tozer

Robert Tozer is the author of the newly published novel, The Dead, of which Colonies is the first in the trilogy. Prior to that, he has been published in the US and UK in some killer anthologies, all of which are currently available on Amazon and accessible through his website:

Robert is also the director and content editor at Dead Ink Publishing Inc.

Robert has graduated from the school of hard knocks, written award winning fiction in his mind, and was not responsible for the viral outbreak which has decimated the world. He currently resides with his wonderful wife, Jana, son, Hayden (who is a little monster but not a zombie), and two non-viral infected dogs, Baxter and Hunter, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Along with other survivors, he soon plans on acquiring a caravan of RVs and relocating to a different clime in order to escape the bloodthirsty zombie hordes.


Time has run out for the human race. A virus has decimated the planet, returning the dead back to life. Groups of displaced people gather together and roam the countryside, searching for a sanctuary.

Spencer has a singular goal: Travel with his companion, Lexi, to the west coast, find a seaworthy boat, and sail away to a tropical island-hopefully, without any of the dead occupying it. Along the way, the two of them get conscripted into a ragtag band of survivors, and together they travel across America with conflicting goals. Half the camp wants to travel city to city, liberating any survivors and ridding the US of the menace that is the dead; the other half wants to escape, finding a safe haven away from the killing and horror. A political power struggle is created and Spencer is forced to choose sides; but will he lead the group to safety or will he return to his original plan and abandon the camp to strike out with Lexi once again. Spencer battles against his nature as he leads a fighting force into a small city for life saving supplies. But in this new world, the hungry and murderous dead aren't the only things to be feared. Sometimes the biggest threat to humanity's survival is the living.

Rob's The Dead


Rob and Dan Straker

Rob & Dan Straker are the creators of the popular zombie game "Escape from Sunset Island" They will be at the show to greet fans and demonstrate the game.

More on Rob & Dan:

Rob & Dan Straker (Straker R&D) are the Designer/Artist/Publishers of the semi-coop tabletop zombie survival game "Escape from Sunset Island", known to tell good stories and push human nature to its limits. They would be happy to see you passing through.

"Escape from Sunset Island" is a "co-petitive" tabletop survival game wherein the line between cooperative and competitive play is blurred, the chances of survival are low, and every game unfolds a unique and memorable story-line.



Rob and Dan Straker are graciously offering their zombie game "Escape from Sunset Island" at a 25% discount for fans at the Vancouver Comic & Toy Show!

Escape From Sunset Island


Vancouver Comic & Toy Show will be handing out the following gift cards during the show: Three $20 gift cards for use anywhere at the show to be randomly handed out at the door! There will also be two $50.00 Gift Cards given out during the day. An additional two $100 gift cards will be given out at 3:00 & 4:00!

In addition to the multiple Vancouver Comic & Toy Show Gift Cards - Matthew Purdy, owner of Toy Traders has graciously matched Toy Trader Bucks $ for $ on the $50 & $100 cards, to be used on any merchandise at his tables!

Vancouver Comic Show Gift Cards

Toy Trader Bucks

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