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Troy Nixey

Troy Nixey began his storytelling career in the early nineties drawing "Dead world" and "Bill The Clown." Over the years he has worked on other notable comics, including “Batman: The Doom that Came to Gotham," Neil Gaiman's “It’s only the End of the World Again,” Matt Wagner's “Grendel: Black, White and Red,” "Harely Quinn" and “Bacon.” Nixey also co-created the comic mini-series “Jenny Finn” with Mike Mignola and the critically acclaimed comic “Trout,” his most personal work.

In 2007, Nixey’s short film “Latchkey’s Lament” screened at the Toronto International Film Festival. It was this short film that attracted Guillermo del Toro and created industry buzz about Nixey’s first feature, which would become “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.” His comic book background has been perfect for Nixey’s transition into directing movies.

Troy Nixey continues to work on film projects but his love of creating comics has never waned and he has returned to his roots with a splash with multiple projects on the slate from Dark Horse being his most beloved creation "Trout."

TroutDon't Be Afraid Of The Dark


Ryan Heshka

Ryan Heshka has been a full time artist and illustrator for over sixteen years, with previous experience in animation and interior design. His artwork has appeared in the pages of the New York Times, Vanity Fair, the Wall Street Journal, Esquire, and Playboy, as well as numerous book jackets. He has released two children's books, one of which, "Welcome to Monster Town", was optioned by DreamWorks. His personal art has been exhibited in galleries across North America and Europe, with his first solo show in London set for October 2015.

Heshka recently completed his first published comic book, "Mean Girls Club" (Nobrow, UK), slated for a North American February 2016 release. Heshka is also a sessional instructor at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in the illustration department. He lives and works in Vancouver, with his wife Marinda, and their cat Louis.

Ryan Heshka's Art 1Ryan Heshka's Art 2
Ryan Heshka's Art 3


Robin Bougie

Robin Bougie is a comic book artist ('Sleazy Slice') as well as an internationally renowned genre film historian and journalist, with 28 issues and 5 softcover book collections of his 'Cinema Sewer' series, and 2 hardcover coffee table books about the history of adult film poster art entitled 'Graphic Thrills'. His work can also be seen in the new comic anthology from Image comics entitled 'Island'.

Find out more by visting, but keep in mind that some of Robin's work is of an adult nature and might not be work-safe.


Kelly Everaert

From a hidden lair located in Vancouver BC, Kelly Everaert likes to apply pencil, ink or paint to perfectly useful paper to produce Monstrosities. Kelly works on comic books, storyboards, and any other illustration project that comes his way.

Kelly's Arcane Tales


Robert Tozer Signing The Dead

Robert Tozer is the author of the newly published novel, The Dead, of which Colonies is the first in the trilogy. Prior to that, he has been published in the US and UK in some killer anthologies, all of which are currently available on Amazon and accessible through his website:

Robert is also the director and content editor at Dead Ink Publishing Inc.

Robert has graduated from the school of hard knocks, written award winning fiction in his mind, and was not responsible for the viral outbreak which has decimated the world. He currently resides with his wonderful wife, Jana, son, Hayden (who is a little monster but not a zombie), and two non-viral infected dogs, Baxter and Hunter, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Along with other survivors, he soon plans on acquiring a caravan of RVs and relocating to a different clime in order to escape the bloodthirsty zombie hordes.


Time has run out for the human race. A virus has decimated the planet, returning the dead back to life. Groups of displaced people gather together and roam the countryside, searching for a sanctuary.

Spencer has a singular goal: Travel with his companion, Lexi, to the west coast, find a seaworthy boat, and sail away to a tropical island-hopefully, without any of the dead occupying it. Along the way, the two of them get conscripted into a ragtag band of survivors, and together they travel across America with conflicting goals. Half the camp wants to travel city to city, liberating any survivors and ridding the US of the menace that is the dead; the other half wants to escape, finding a safe haven away from the killing and horror. A political power struggle is created and Spencer is forced to choose sides; but will he lead the group to safety or will he return to his original plan and abandon the camp to strike out with Lexi once again. Spencer battles against his nature as he leads a fighting force into a small city for life saving supplies. But in this new world, the hungry and murderous dead aren't the only things to be feared. Sometimes the biggest threat to humanity's survival is the living.

Rob's The Dead


Robin Thompson

Robin has illustrated his own brand of independent comic books including Zombie Jesus, Lil’Natas, and Captain Spaceman. He is currently working on issue #12 of his flagship title, Champions of Hell.
Robin is also an instructor at Emily Carr University, teaching various courses in illustration and graphic novels. At the university he has developed and hosted his own annual artist convention entitled “Emily Con”.

Lending his extensive knowledge of the graphic novel medium, Robin has been a guest speaker for the Vancouver Art Gallery's renowned “Krazy!” and “CO-MIX: A Retrospectiove of Comics” exhibits.

Champions Of Hell


John Gallagher

Born curious and raised on a steady diet of comic books and Saturday afternoon double features sealed John's fate at an early age and the world was spared another lawyer. Star Wars flipped the switch and come hell or high water he was going to do that for a living. Many years and countless drawings later, John started at Bioware in 1995. Time flew by and millions of games sold later it was time for new challenges. He relocated to Vancouver in 2008 to work in film and television.

Currently illustrating THE FLASH for CW, John keeps busy doing feature, series and look development for diverse projects like "DEFIANCE, ONCE UPON A TIME, FALLING SKIES and CONTINUUM". During rare downtime, this proud father sips from Russell's Teapot and contemplates Shrodinger's Equation, all while visiting with a delightful legion of imaginary friends.

John Gallagher's Art


Diana Greenhalgh

Diana Greenhalgh is a comic inker and illustrator whose work includes inks on Taran Killam's The Illegitimates, as well as other titles like X-Men Legacy and Nova

She also illustrates for Upper Deck, Cryptozoic and Breygent. Diana has contributed original illustrations to over 20 officially licensed trading card sets to date, including DC, Marvel, and Dynamite properties. Her most recent sketch work includes the Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man official sets for Upper Deck, which will accompany the upcoming release for each movie.

Diana also specializes in pinup art under the moniker "Mecha", where she produces her own original illustrations, prints, trading cards, and other collectibles.

Harley Quinn

Fantastic Four Number 01Incredible Hulk Number 01X-Men Number 01





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