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James Lloyd

James Lloyd is a Vancouver cartoonist best known as the regular artist on the Futurama Comics title, for which he provided pencils from the beginning of its run until its final issue in 2018.

He has since contributed to comic projects for First Second books and Boom! Comics

He has worked in Vancouver's animation industry since the mid-90's, returning recently on the revamped Rocky & Bullwinkle and Carmen San Diego series, and as background supervisor on Summer Memories, now airing on Family Channel.

James has also been involved with Langara College's Graphic Novel and Comix program as an instructor since 2017, and has held presentations, workshops and mentorship programs throughout his twenty years plus of drawing professionally. He hopes you like comics as much as he does.

James Lloyd - Art 1

James Lloyd - Art 2

James Lloyd - Art 3


Chris Ayers

Chris Ayers is a freelance art director, graphic designer, animator, illustrator and cinephile with over 18 years of experience in the television industry.

In 2018 he began creating alternative movie posters for film screenings he hosted in Phoenix, AZ. He has lived in Vancouver since 2020 and has continued his passion for creating movie poster art.

You can find his work at: and on Instagram @chrisayerscreative

Chris Ayers - Poster


Jacqueline Tyracek

Jacqueline Tyracek is the Czech Canadian artist behind the creative endeavors of Cranial Moon Designs. As a child she loved creating tiny apartments out of paper, and drawing dinosaurs in pants. Since then, her work has evolved to include various styles and work in various mediums, including mask making, mural painting, screen printing, linocut, poetry and theatrical performance work.

Self-taught, with the mentorship of both artistic family and friends since infancy, expression and storytelling through art was an early focus and endless passion, as well as the importance of illustration and comics to compliment her obsession with books. Throughout her life, without doubt of direction, she has focused and invested her life in building a broad individual artistic skill set and language with which to express most honestly, though she also has enjoyed creating art to pay tribute to those things and people that inspire. After drawing a series of such film and musician portraits in 2016, they became some of the initial designs used to create the Cranial Moon Designs screen printed clothing, as well as other artsy products born on a whim of determination to start out, with no prior experience, as an art vendor, in order to do more creative work with artistic freedom, and connect with other creatives. As can be detected, subjects of interest include history and culture, psychology, confrontations of fear, nature, emotion, the balance of darkness/light and the ways we process, dreams & nightmares, creature features, stories and fables, and of course, the spooky and unusual.

Feel free to connect, for comment or commission!

Jacqueline Tyracek - Art 1

Jacqueline Tyracek - Art 2

Jacqueline Tyracek - Art 3

Jacqueline Tyracek - Art 4


Vance Nevada

For twenty-nine years, "Mr. Beefy Goodness" Vance Nevada has been a presence in rings from coast to coast in Canada. Born in Souris, Manitoba, he debuted in Winnipeg at age seventeen in 1993, and has laid claim to 45 championship reigns in Canada opposing some of the top talent in the industry including Kenny Omega, Bobby Roode, The Bollywood Boyz, The Honky Tonk Man and more. His travels have taken him to the most remote locations in the country and helped to foster a strong appreciation for the scope of wrestling's history in the country and the regional nuances that have created a strong connection with fans for generations.

Away from the ring, Vance has been one of the most passionate curators pf professional wrestling history, using his travels to perform as opportunities to visit libraries and archives to unearth information for a recorded history of the sport. In addition to his own previous book,
Wrestling in the Canadian West (2009, Crowbar Press), Nevada is credited for his research in numerous published works on wrestling history over the past two decades.

His current book "(Un)Controlled Chaos: Canada's Remarkable Professional Wrestling Legacy" has been heralded by the wrestling community as the most thorough and complete record of professional wrestling in Canada.

More information:
Vance Nevada Stats.

Vance Nevada With Book

Vance Nevada - Book


Melanie Kohn

Melanie Kohn, a native of San Francisco, California, voiced Lucy van Pelt in Charles Schulz's Peanuts cartoons from 1974-1977.

She voiced Lucy in It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown, It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown, and the feature-length film Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown.

Melanie has also worked in radio as an on-air personality and marketing specialist. She wrote and voiced many of her clients' radio ads.

Melanie has ties to Vancouver, as her three sons live here and work in the Visual Effects industry. She now lives in Texas with her husband and their cat.

Her Facebook page is:
Melanie Kohn - Voice artist for Lucy van Pelt.

Melanie Kahn - Pic 1

Melanie Kahn - Pic 2

Melanie Kahn - Pic 3

Melanie Kahn - Pic 4

Melanie Kahn - Pic 5


Ryan Heshka

Ryan Heshka was born in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, and grew up in Winnipeg. To pass the long prairie winters, his childhood was spent drawing, building cardboard cities and making super 8mm films. Early influences that persist to this day include antiquated comics and pulp magazines, nature, graphic design, music, movies and animation. Formally trained in interior design, he is self-taught as an artist. Heshka's personal artwork has graced the cover and interiors of BLAB! magazine and numerous art publications around the globe. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries across North America and Europe, and many pieces reside in prominent international private collections. Recent published comics include "Frog Wife", the "Mean Girls Club" comic book and graphic novel (Nobrow, UK) and the BRAND NEW "Pleasure Planet". His illustration work has appeared in Vanity Fair, Playboy, Esquire, the New York Times and the New Yorker. He lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada with his wife Marinda and their daughter Roxy.

Ryan Heshka - Art 1

Ryan Heshka - Art 2

Ryan Heshka - Art 3

Ryan Heshka - Art 4

Ryan Heshka - Art 5

Ryan Heshka - Art 6

Ryan Heshka - Art 7


Robin Thompson

Robin Thompson (aka Fun Men Press) is an independent comic book illustrator (Zombie Jesus), commercial artist, and art instructor.

His freelancing illustration experience includes storyboarding for film and television, graphic design, and interior mural work for seasonal attractions (Cougar Creek's House of Horrors).

Lending his extensive knowledge of the comic book medium, Robin has been a guest speaker for the Vancouver Art Gallery's renowned
"Krazy!" and "COMIX: A Retrospective of Comic Art" exhibits.

Attending artistic exhibitions across the mainland annually, Robin brings his unique brand exclusively to each event with original "pocket art", art prints, and comic book sketch covers.

You can check out Robin's work at :

Robin Thompson - Fallout

Robin Thompson - Hellboy

Robin Thompson - Art Samples


Four x $50 and $100 gift cards for use anywhere at the Show (2 of each denomination) to be Mystery Bag drawn during the Pre-show Line-up! Plus Multiple Gift Cards for use anywhere at the Show to be randomly handed out at the door!

Toy Traders will also be matching Toy Trader Bucks in the Mystery Bag draw $ for $ on the $50 & $100 cards (2 of each denomination) to be used for any merchandise on their Tables or at their Store!

VCS Door Prize

VCS - Toy Trader Prize


A message to all Vancouver Comic & Toy Show Attendees!!

PLEASE NOTE: The Greater Vancouver Food Bank does not accept Food Donations anymore due to Unhealthy Food Donations (non-nutritive food donated a lot of the time) / Better Buying Power ($$ go 2:1 further) & Labour Intensive Logistics (30% of food received is spoiled.)

If you would like to donate $ to this very important charity they will be located in the Front Lobby.

Let's all Give A Little Bit together to those in need!

Vancouver Food Bank



Forum Cafe offers a variety of deli style entrees, snacks and beverages.

PNE Forum Cafe


The following food trucks will be featured at show: Wings Outdoor Grill & Teriyaki Express!


Wings Restaurants & Pubs is a local staple for good times and even better food. Now, they're winging in that same quality food to the outdoors, in their Wings Outdoor Grill food truck.

Although the menu features a wide variety of all American classics, the fresh never frozen wings are where it's at. And they are by no means average. Wings Outdoor Grill offers up over 20 impressive homemade sauces and rubs to smother their wings in, from sweet Thai and Canadian maple bourbon to savory Tokyo teriyaki and outback BBQ.

All created with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Wings Outdoor Grill Pic 1

Wings Outdoor Grill Pic 2


Japanese Teriyaki Express/Twisted Potato serves Fresh Traditional Teriyaki on Rice (Beef/Chicken and Vegetarian Tofu). They also have a Dim Sum Plate, Prawn Tempura, Green Beans with Sea Salt, Japanese Style Meat Skewers (Beef and Chicken), Takoyaki, Twisted Potatoes and Mini Donuts!

Teriyaki Express

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